Legalisation or Attestation of Documents
Please note in order for your documents to be attested by the UAE embassy in London, it must be legalised by its respective foreign office. Please follow the following guidelines:

1- Document issued in the UK must be attested by the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office).
The FCO will only accept the original documents which have been signed by The UK Registrars ex (Company, Birth, Death and Marriage certificates, but other documents should be first authenticated by a solicitor or notarised by a Notary Public.

2- Document issued in Ireland must be attested by the Irish foreign office.

3- Document issued in Iceland must be attested by the Icelandic foreign office.

4- Document issued in any of the British Overseas Territories will require attestation by the Government of the Territory concerned prior to submission for the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) legalisation.
British Overseas Territories
Anguilla – Montserrat – Bermuda - Cayman Islands - Pitcairn Island - British Antarctic Territory - St Helena-British Indian Ocean Territory - St Helena dependencies (Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha) - British Virgin Islands - South Georgia and the South Islands - Falkland Islands - Turks and Caicos Islands - Gibraltar.

5- Document issued in any of the British Crown Dependencies must be attested by its own foreign office only.
British Crown Dependencies
Jersey - Guernsey - Isle of Man.

6- NON UK, Irish or Icelandic Document(s) must be legalised by our UAE Consulate in its relevant Country.
Non UK, Irish or Icelandic issued Document(s) can be legalised at the discretion of the adviser.
In order for the document(s) to be considered, they must be legalised in the following order:

  • Legalised from its relevant country Embassy in London.
  • Legalised from a UK Notary or Solicitor.
  • Legalised by the FCO (UK foreign and commonwealth office).

Note: The steps above are not applied for legalising non UK, Irish or Icelandic academic qualifications (The UAE Embassy in London will not legalise non UK, Irish or Icelandic academic qualifications).

Note: The FCO May not accept a Non UK Document(s), so if you are willing to start the process it is under your responsibility.

7- Document issued in UAE must be attested from the ministry of foreign affairs in the UAE first. The document can then be attested by the UAE Embassy in London, which enables it to be used in the UK.

  • Important: UK, Irish or Icelandic academic qualification must be attested (stamped) by the foreign office on the actual certificate itself weather it’s a photocopy or original, and not on the notarial certificate.
  • Important: Power of attorney and similar legal documents should be original and signed in the presence of a UK notary public prior to submission to the foreign office.
  • Foreign & Commonwealth Office details:The Legalisation Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, for UK customers PO Box 6255, Milton Keynes, MK10 1XX, Tel: 03700002244, for overseas customers Hanslope Park, Hanslope, Milton Keynes MK19 7BH, 00442070085959, Website:


Fees, per document:

  • Important: Documents apostilled in a bundle are not accepted they should be certified or legalised separately.
  • Important: Memorandum and articles of association must be separately attested.
Commercial document’s cost: AED2000 only for online or card payment, £500 for postal order or banker’s draft.
Commercial-Company Power of Attorney AED2000
A Power of Attorney for registering trademarks AED2000
Assignment or an Authorization for trademarks or patents AED2000
By-Law AED2000
Memorandum of Association AED2000
Articles of Association AED2000
Certificate of Registration or Incorporation AED2000
Certificate of Incumbency AED2000
Board of Directors AED2000
Board of shareholders AED2000
SGS System, good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificates AED2000
Certificate of Good Standing AED2000
An Agency-Distribution Agreement AED2000
Certificate of Free Sale and Certificate of price list AED2000
Board Resolution or Minutes of Board Meetings AED2000
Company Trade or Financial Report AED2000
Company Record of Achievements or Company Profile AED2000
All other commercial or company documents AED2000
Individual document’s cost: AED150 only for online or card payment, £37.50 for postal order or banker’s draft.
Health, Analysis, GMO Products Certificates AED150
Marriage, birth and death Certificates AED150
Personal Power of Attorney (i.e. buying or selling a car, one plot of land or one property/unit one separate for each action) AED150
All other individual documents AED150

Police Clearance/Good Conduct Certificate from the UAE

The UAE requires the applicants to have their fingerprints taken by the police in their country of residence and subsequently attested by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the UK or other relevant local authority (such as: the Governors’ Offices of Jersey, Guernsey & Isle of Man, the Irish Ministry for Foreign Affairs or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland).
There are two options for police clearance/Good conduct certificate to be issued:
(You have to obtain the fingerprint certificate first, before choosing one of the options listed below).
First option
First option is to process your application by the UAE Consulate in London. This takes up to 3 months.
The following documents are required:
1. Two personal passport size photographs 4 x 6
2. Photocopy of the passport bearing the residence permit
3. Photocopy of the current passport if different
4. Payment of 115 AED (cash only) (can be obtained by any exchange office).
5. Fee of £37.5 for legalising the fingerprint certificate (Cash only).
6. A further £37.5 for legalising the actual police clearance certificate when we receive it from UAE (Cash only).
7. Prepaid envelope. (registered or recorded stamp is required)
8. Application to be filled in full and signed. (It can be sent by email on request)

The applicants have to submit their documents either by post or by visiting our consulate in London.
Total fees cost is £75 + 115 AED, unless you legalised the fingerprint before with us, so the fee will be £37.5 + 115 AED.
The Embassy will forward the above documents on behalf of the applicant to the relevant authorities in the UAE, who will conduct the appropriate investigation and issue the certificate accordingly, this process could take up to 3 months.
The certificate will be returned to the UAE Embassy for legalising, then it will be sent to the applicants in the self-addressed envelope provided by themselves.
Second option
Second option ensures you to get your police clearance/Good conduct certificate in a significantly less time by processing your application directly with Dubai Police H.Q. in the UAE, Kindly contact them to ask for their requirements.
Dubai Police H.Q.
Address: Dubai, United Arab Emirates, P.O. Box 1493. Tel: +9714609999/+97142692222, email:, working hours 24/7, Website: (Dubai Police H.Q. will issue the Police clearance/Good conduct certificate regardless of the emirate you resided in).


If you choose the second option, please make sure the Police clearance/Good conduct certificate you received from Dubai Police is attested (stamped) by the UAE ministry of foreign affairs in case your employer or any relevant authority in the UK required you to get it attested (stamped) by the UAE Embassy in London.

Payment methods:
1) Card payment is accepted only if documents are submitted in person.
2) For Online payment, please copy and paste the follwoing link into your browser:

Choose services >> Individual >> and apply for attestation
Create an account by filling the registration form. Please fill the registration form in full and don’t forget to write the security code.
While you are filling the legalisation form. Please note the following:
  • The Service location must be “(London) UAE embassy”
  • State the number of documents you have. (Maximum 5 documents per each transaction)
  • The attachment must include all documents scanned front and back in a single PDF file.
  • In case of wrong payment, refunds will be given in cash at the UAE Consulate in London. Refunds are only issued within 90 days of payment and a bank statement must be provided.
  • You should bring the Auto Printed online receipt if you are submitting your documents in person, if you prefer to send your documents by post, please enclose the Auto Printed online receipt with your documents.
Important: If you cannot determine whether your document is commercial or individual, kindly e-mail us a scanned copy of your document and we will advise you - E-mail:
Important: From 08th December 2017 banker’s draft and postal orders are not accepted.
Important: Cash, Company or personal cheques are not accepted.
Important: If the payment exceed the due amount, the UAE Embassy will not offer any refunds.
Important: if the enclosed amount is insufficient, the documents will be kept pending until the correct amount is received.
Important: our price lists are updated and revised monthly, please check our website before submitting.
Submission methods:

In person:
We only accept Card Payment in person.

An appointment is not necessary when submitting your documents. We accept documents from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 14:00 the documents can be collected between 14:30-16:00 on the same day.

By Post:

1. A covering letter should accompany the documents received by post, which should contain the sender’s name, address, contacts, an e-mail address, the number of documents and the amount you are enclosing.
2. From 8th December 2017 banker’s draft and postal orders are not accepted, please use the online payment to pay for your post. (Please check the payment methods section above).
3. Documents sent by post take up to 3 working days to process.
4. In regard to the return of the document, please choose one of the following options :
  • If you are posting from the UK, please enclose a self-addressed envelope.( registered or recorded stamp is required)
  • If you are posting from Europe, USA, Canada or Australia, Please add an extra £10 (Cash only) for postage and enclose a self-addressed envelope.
  • If you are posting from the rest of the world, you have to mention in your cover letter that you will arrange a courier. Once the document is ready we will notify you by email to send a prefilled Airway bill then you can send your courier to collect.


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