About the Embassy
Bilateral ties between the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of Singapore are based on mutual respect and mutual interest.
The launching of the UAE Embassy in Singapore in 2001 had a great impact on strengthening the relationship between the two countries. It has allowed expansion of cooperation in many fields, most importantly the economic, financial, trade and services sectors.Two ways trade between Singapore and UAE jumped from S$4.4 billion in year 2001 to reach S$27.5 billion in year 2014.
The latest figures available show that the number of Singapore companies working in UAE reached more than 300 companies operating in the field of infrastructure, real state, communications, transportation, water treatment, information technology and trades. On the other hand, the investment of UAE companies in Singapore increased more than several billions Singapore dollars and working in field of oil and gas storage, refinery, exploration, and trading as well as retails and airport serves. UAE companies have recognized the opportunities presented by one of the fastest growing regions in the world, and that locating themselves in Singapore places them firmly in the center of this expansion.
The United Arab Embassy in Singapore wishes to provide you, through this website, with useful information about UAE’s politics, economy, foreign affairs, culture, education, science and technology as well as information on the functional departments and consular services of the Embassy so as to help you have a better understanding of the UAE and UAE-Singapore relationship and promote bilateral friendship and cooperation.