Returning documents


UAE Nationals Services - Returning documents 

In order for the Consulate to issue a returning document for newborns, the following must be submitted:

•   Birth Certificate legalized by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

•   Copy of the father's and mother's passports.

•   2 coloured passport size (6*4) photographs.

•   Full residence address in UAE with all telephone numbers.

•   Payment of the Fee


In order for the Consulate to issue a returning document in cases when a UAE passport has been lost or stolen, the following must be submitted:

•   Police report legalized by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

•   2 coloured passport size (6*4) photographs.

•   A copy of the applicant's passport if available.

•   Full residence address in UAE with the telephone numbers.

•   Payment of the Fee

•   A Self addressed registered envelope.


Please note:

•   The document is valid for only ONE month from the date of issue.

•   It is not renewable.

•   It takes 3 working days to issue the returning document.


Certificate of Good Conduct


Individuals who had previously lived in the United Arab Emirates and would like to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct must submit the following documents:

•   Applicant must have his/her finger-prints taken by the police in Sweden, Finland or Denmark.

•   The original form must be authenticated by the respective Foreign Ministry (contact Ministry for information about their requirements).

•   Submit the form to the Embassy with 2 copies of each document (copies are for our files and need not be authenticated).

•   Fee of the Fee.  Payment may be made via bank transfer.  Cash is accepted if you submit the documents personally at the Embassy.

•   A self addressed registered envelope.

Click to download Criminal Antecedents Clearance Certificate Application Form


Sending the documents to the UAE

Once you have received the documents from the Embassy, they must be sent to the appropriate agency in the UAE.  Please include the following items:

•   The fingerprint form legalized by the UAE Embassy.

•   The application form filled in correctly by the applicant.

•   A copy of your passport bearing the residence permit in the UAE.

•   A copy of your current passport (if different).

•   Two (2) colored passport-sized photographs.

•   Any required fees (call the appropriate jurisdiction, contact information listed below, in order to get information on required fees).

The documents must be sent to one of the Ministry of Interior Agencies below:

General Department of Criminal Investigation


Permits and Certificates Section 

Dubai Police General H.Q. 

P.O. Box 1493 

Dubai, UAE 

Tel.: 00971 4 2013484 / 2013564 

Fax.: 00971 4 2171512 / 2660151



Police Department – Abu Dhabi

P.O. Box 398

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel.: 00917 2 4414666

Fax.: 00971 2 4414938





Entry of households pets into the UAE 


Applicants wishing to enter the United Arab Emirates with their household pets must present the following documents (in advance):

•   Copy of pet owner's passport.

•   Pet must have passport containing its description.

•   Pets' Microchip Number.

•   Certificates of pet's vaccinations (especially Rabies vaccination).

•   Certificate stating pet's last Rabies vaccination. (Time of vaccination must be at least 21 days before entering the United Arab Emirates ).

•   Pet must not be less than four (4) months old.

•   Fee of 200 AED (Arab Emirate Derham) for entry approval of pet.






A doctor's prescription should be carried along with any medication that is brought into the country.

Controlled drugs guidelines: 

- Guidelines for the Customs control at Airports. Seaports Post offices and by road etc for the importation of medicines for personal use (PDF).

- Ministry of Health Regulations for Controlled Drugs (PDF).

Individuals may bring medicine into the country for their personal use. Up to three months’ supply of a prescription item can be brought into the country by a visitor and 12 months’ supply by a resident if they can produce a doctor’s letter or a copy of the original prescription. Narcotic items can only be brought into the UAE in exceptional cases with prior permission from the director of medicine and pharmacy control. These guidelines relate to medicines brought in by an individual through an airport or border crossing and medicines arriving by post.

Visitors must take care to ensure that medicines and medications prescribed in their home countries are not restricted before travelling to the UAE. The UAE Ministry of Health’s The UAE Ministry of Health Drug Control Department publishes a list of controlled medicines and medications. Visitors should contact the Ministry of Health drug control department to check whether their medication is on the controlled list, and needs prior permission for importation.

The Customer Service Centre of the drug control department can be contacted by emailing , or , by telephone on +971 2 611 7342 or by fax +971 2 631 3742.





Customs clearance in the UAE is fast and efficient. No customs duties are applied to personal belongings. However, since the UAE is an Islamic country, religious propaganda, potentially offensive printed matter, CDs videos or films should not be brought into the country. All personal imports of such materials are checked at customs. Since strict copyright laws are being enforced in the UAE, pirated video and audiotapes or illegal computer software will be confiscated.

Needless to say controlled substances such as cannabis, opium etc, are banned and the penalties for handling these drugs are severe. If a blood test for illegal drug usage proves positive, you can be charged with a criminal offence – even if you used the drug before arrival in the UAE. The importation of firearms and dangerous weapons is also restricted.

Duty free allowances

2000 cigarettes; 400 cigars; 2 kg tobacco; 2 litres of spirits and 2 litres of wine (non-Muslims only) and perfume. It is prohibited to import alcohol into Sharjah and you are generally not allowed to bring alcohol into the country if you are travelling by land.



Other Services 


The UAE Consulate will charge a fee  for investigating or confirming validity of the following subjects:

•   Education Certificate

•   Medical Certificate

•   Driving License Certificate

•   Certificate of Good Conduct

•   Confirmation of Visa

•   Locate lost individuals

•   Salary and benefits

•   Court papers

•   Confirmation of Nationality