Bilateral Relations
Diplomatic Relations between E.A.U. and Romania were established on 1 August 1989 and the Romanian Embassy in Abu Dhabi was opened in June 1990, Nicolae Eremia was accredited as first Romanian resident ambassador in Emirates in March 1991.
In January 1992. It was founded Romanian Consulate General in Dubai, capital of the second emirate, with a significant share in the country’s political, economic and commercial life.
United Arab Emirates Embassy in Bucharest opened in December 2004.
On March 11, 2009, His Excellency Yacub Alhosani presented credentials to President of Romanian, as the first ambassador of the UAE in Romania.
Trade and Economic relations:
 Commercial relations between the two countries started with the export of Romanian products through commercial companies. E.A.U. and Romania wanted to formalize the relationship by opening the Romanian Commercial Office in 1974 in Dubai, who has worked continuously to establish diplomatic relations when integrated into the Consulate General of Romania.
    Trade Flows:
Total Value of the Exchange Trade 2010


 mill Euro


mill Euro      


(in euro)


mill Euro


mill Euro


(in Euro)

(In mill US dollar)

248.74 USD
(the total value of export)


 mill USD


 (in usd)

49.16 mill USD

(TOTAL import)


mill USD


 (in usd)

The average of UAE's Exchange Rate
Euro/ US Dollar in 2010: 1.34

The average of Romania's Exchange Rate:
Euro/US Dollar in 2010: 1.33

Total Value of the Exchange Trade 2009 Total Value of the Exchange Trade 2010 Evolution in (%) 2010 against 2009
297.9 mill USD 336.34 mill USD +12.90%

Cultural and Touristic Relations:
U.A.E. Embassy participated in various cultural activities in Romania, organized several cultural exhibitions and participated in others to highlight the cultural and urban development in addition to country's tradition, heritage and values of U.A.E. society, and to promote cultural exchange and dialogue between different cultures. The Embassy also participated in various cultural and touristic exhibitions to promote tourism in the UAE. Which is now the most attractive worldwide destination for tourists.

   Within the activities of the embassy in this field:

  • Participated in the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu presenting "Black Stone" play, and repeat the show in Bucharest.
  • Participated in Romania's Tourism Fair in Bucharest.
  • Organized United Arab Emirates Art Exposition in Bucharest.
  • Participated in Arabic Culture Day in Bucharest.