I hold a Dutch passport, Do I need a visa to enter the UAE?

You do not need to apply for a visa, Everyone who holds a Dutch passport can get a visa at the airports or ports of the country.

I want to legalize my educational certificates, how can I do this?

You have to get the seal of the Ministry of Education (DUO) on your original certificate, if your certificate is in English, it must be legalize at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consulate of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.
If your certificate is in Dutch, it must be translated through an accredited translation Office into English or Arabic and then the translation must be legalized at the court.

I'm not a Dutch citizen but I am a resident in the Netherlands, Do I need a visa to travel to United Arab Emirates?

Maybe, this depends on your passport type you have to check the visa section in this website.

What is the period of the validity of a passport to visit the United Arab Emirates?

Every visitor to the UAE must have a passport valid for at least 6 months.

There is Israel stamp in my passport, does it prevents me to enter the UAE?

The existance of Israel stamp on the passport is not a reason to reject your entry to UAE.

I am a Dutch citizen and I live in the Netherlands, Can I marry in the UAE?

Yes, you have to contact the Consular Section to know the requirements.

I have a Dutch driving license, can I drive in the UAE?


I would like to study in the United Arab Emirates, Is my certificate will be accredited in the Netherlands?


Is the medical treatment of foreigners is free in the UAE?

The United Arab Emirates applies one of the best health systems, and the medical treatment is available through the public or private sector, and the medical insurance systems are applicable for all.
The free medical treatment is available in some emergency cases.

Do I have to pay income tax in the UAE?

No, there is no income tax on salaries.

My company is sending me to do some commercial filming in the UAE. Where can I find out about a filming permit and obtain press credentials?

You should contact:

The National Media Council (www.nmc.gov.ae)

Abu Dhabi
P. O. Box 3790, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97124452922
Fax: +97124450458
Email: info@nmcuae.ae

Tel: +97142615500
Fax: +97142615648
P.O Box: 5353 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +97165629000
Fax: +97165629652

Tel: +97167444384
Fax: +97167444088

Al Ain
Tel: +97137632555
Fax: +97137629944

Tel: +97192224190
Fax: +97192221008

Ras Al Khaimah
Tel: +97172275050
Fax: +97172274994

Umm Al Quwain
Tel: +97167656663
Fax: +97167653500

Western Region
Tel: +97128846983
Fax: +97128841983

I use medicines containing narcotic substances; do the authorities of UAE will allow me to carry the medicines when entering the country?

Contact your doctor and ask him, if they contain narcotic substances or not, if they contain narcotic substances, you must request a medical report from your doctor, and you have to legalized the report at the Dutch Ministry of Health and then at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then Consulate of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates.

I have a residence and work in the Netherlands, how can I get a visa?

Through the hotel which you are staying at or any of the National airlines (Emirates or Etihad).

How do I pay the fees?

All fees must be paid by MasterCard or VisaCard.