As of Tuesday 17th of October 2017, E-Service for Legalization will be activated through the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website .

For more information and details please contact the Consular Section.

Legalization fees per document

Ø All documents presented to the UAE Embassy’s Consular Section for legalization must be in English or Arabic language. Certified translation is required for documents issued in Dutch language. Translated documents will not be legalized if original documents are not included for legalization. Bilingual and multilingual documents are accepted provided that one of the languages is English.

Ø All the documents presented for legalization must first be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Please bear in mind that some of the documents need to be attested by other institutions before they can be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further details.

Ø Commercial invoices have to be provided for legalization of Certificates of Origin.

Ø Xero-copies of the documents as well as hand-written documents will not be accepted.

Ø The Embassy does not cover the costs of shipping of the documents. All documents must be submitted by hand (personally or by authorized person).



1. Private Citizens and Companies

To legalize documents, they must first be legalized at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then at the embassy.
To legalize documents at the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please contact the legalization services department.

Documents' Legalization fees at the Embassy for Private Citizens are as follows:


General & Special power of attorney

150 AED

Privately issued documents

(Donation, property transfer…)

150 AED

Court rulings

150 AED

Inheritance sales and purchasing documents

150 AED

Paternity claims

150 AED

Decrees from The Rulers of the UAE

150 AED

School Certificates and diplomas

150 AED

Work Experience

150 AED

Death Certificate

150 AED

Health Certificate

150 AED

Divorce Certificate

150 AED

Birth Certificate

150 AED

Marriage Certificate

150 AED

Work Contract

150 AED

“To whom it may concern”

150 AED

Copies of passports

150 AED


Documents' Legalization fees at the Embassy for Companies are as follows:


Power of attorney

2000 AED

Contract to set up company

2000 AED

Distribution agreement


Registration of a brand

2000 AED

Registration of an invention

2000 AED

Registry of commerce excerpt

2000 AED

Good manufacturing practice certificate “GMP”

2000 AED

Certificate of a pharmaceutical product “CPP”

2000 AED

Certificate for registration of (a) product(s)

2000 AED

Free sale

2000 AED

Packing list

150 AED

Manufacturer’s declaration 

150 AED

Health Certificate 

150 AED

Certificate of analysis

150 AED

Certificate of quality guarantee (Depend on the content)

150 AED OR 2000 AED



2. Legalization fee for invoices and for Certificate of Origin


To legalize invoices and certificates of origin, they must first be legalized at the local Chamber of Commerce and then at the Netherlands Ministry of of Foreign Affairs and finally at the embassy.


Legalization fee For Certificate of Origin at the Embassy is 150 AED

Legalization fee for invoices at the Embassy is calculated according to the following scales of charges:

Fees on invoices:

For invoices that require legalization, Fees are determined in accordance with the amount stated in the invoice and the type of the currency, the following table shows the fees payable according to the value of the invoice in AED.







100 AED



200 AED



400 AED



600 AED



800 AED



1000 AED



1300 AED



1500 AED



2000 AED