FEES (Per Document)


EFFECTIVE 01 December 2017



                                                                                                     Fee ($) CAD ( per document)


General Power of Attorney                                                                           720.00

Resolution                                                                                                      720.00

Distribution Agreement, Agency …..etc                                                      720.00

Articles of Incorporation, Registration                                                        720.00

Certificate of Incorporation                                                                          720.00

Authorization of Agent                                                                                  720.00

Assignment                                                                                                    720.00

Board of Resolution                                                                                      720.00

Appointment/Distributor                                                                             720.00

By Laws                                                                                                          720.00

Patent Application                                                                                         720.00

Trademark Application                                                                                  720.00

Certificate of Good Standing                                                                        720.00

Financial Statement                                                                                       720.00

Free Sale Certificate, Price List                                                                    720.00

All legal document pertaining to a commercial matter                              720.00

Certificate of Origin                                                                                        54.00

Copy of Invoice                                                                                               54.00

Invoice (EMAIL A COPY TO consulate@uae-embassy.com for quotation)        



(Diploma, degree, report card, school certificate)                                     54.00

Birth Certificate                                                                                             54.00

Fingerprints                                                                                                   54.00  

Marriage Certificate                                                                                      54.00

Power of Attorney (Personal)                                                                      54.00

Police Report                                                                                                 54.00

Death Certificate                                                                                           54.00


NOTE:  Any INCOMPLETE documents submitted for legalization to the Embassy will be retained for a maximum of two months upon receipt.  If requirements are not completed within the proposed time, documents will be disposed of safely and confidentially. If prepaid return envelope is provided, the embassy will return your document.

NOTE: Please email or call the Embassy at the end of each month prior to mailing your documents, FEES are subject to change without prior notice at the beginning of each month.