Certificate of good conduct

A United Arab Emirates Certificate of Good Conduct / Police Clearance is required for Canadian immigration purposes.


In order to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct or Police Clearance in the United Arab Emirates, a Canadian fingerprint form must be legalized at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), and at the U.A.E. Embassy in Ottawa.



  • Please note that as of May 1, 2016, all Documents/Certificates, mailed in or submitted in person to the UAE Embassy – Ottawa, MUST be accompanied by a completed and signed legalization Form (FORM).
  •  If documents are submitted to the Embassy without a completed form, the documents will be returned to you without a legalization stamp.
  • For all Documents issued in the GTA, please refer to the important announcement section and complete the Consulate General of UAE - Toronto legalization Form.

Please follow these guidelines when applying for Certificate of Good Conduct or Police Clearance:


1)    Complete a fingerprint form (Long Form) and notarize it by a Canadian Notary Public, Commissioner of Oaths or Lawyer. A Fingerprint form can be obtained from any Police station or any International Fingerprinting within Canada which is authorized by the RCMP.

(Note: Do not photo copy anything at the back of the fingerprint)


2)    Mail/drop-off your document, to Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, (JLAC) for authentication.                       

                     Mailing address:               125 Sussex Drive

                                                                  Ottawa, ON

                                                                  K 1 A 0 G 2

                     Attn:                                    JLAC Section

                     Phone:  613 944-4000 or 1 800 267 8376


3)    Submit the fingerprint form, along with the fees to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ottawa, either by hand or by mail, for legalization.


United Arab Emirates Embassy

125 Boteler Street

Ottawa, ON

K1N 0A4

Attn: Consular Section


The Embassy ONLY accepts money order, certified cheque or bank draft issued in Canada, made payable to: UAE EMBASSY-OTTAWA





Processing Time


Regular Service

3-5 business days

$54.00CAD/ document

Expedited Service

Submit before 12:00 pm

Same Day

$54.00CAD/ document


Note: If the document is to be returned by mail, please provide a prepaid return envelope (Canada post Express post envelope or computer generated waybill from a courier of your choice) with the parcel.

Documents can be picked up at the Embassy Monday – Friday between 2:00PM - 3:00PM

NOTE:  Any INCOMPLETE document submitted for legalization to the Embassy will be retained for a maximum of two months upon receipt.  If requirements are not completed within the proposed time, documents will be disposed of safely and confidentially. If prepaid return envelope is provided, the embassy will return your document.

Money orders, certified cheques or drafts issued to the Embassy are non-refundable

1.)    Submit the following documents to the Police Department at the Ministry of Interior in the appropriate Emirate in the U.A.E.

a)      The legalized fingerprint form

b)     2 (recent) coloured passport size photograph

c)      Passport copy (including residency visa, if possible)

d)     Application for Certificate of Good Conduct (outside the United Arab Emirates)


Note: Before submitting the above mentioned document to the Police Department, you have to contact them to inquire the fees (ex: money order/international draft should be made payable to….) and the courier company etc… and mail it to the following address:




Abu Dhabi Police


P.O. Box 253

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Telephone (9712) 446-1461

Fax:              (9712) 409-2441

Website: www.adpolice.gov.ae

Dubai Police


P.O. Box 1493

Dubai, U.A.E.

Telephone: (9714) 609-9999

Fax:               (9714) 221-5158

Website: www.dubaipolice.gov.ae

Sharjah Police


P.O. Box 29

Sharjah, U.A.E.

Telephone: (9716) 563-3333

Fax:               (9716) 563-3332


Ras Al-Khaimah Police


P.O. Box 54

Ras Al-Khaimah, U.A.E.

Telephone: (9717)235-6666

Fax:               (9717) 205-3118

Website: www.rakpolice.com

Ajman Police Department

P.O. Box 4

Ajman, U.A.E.

Telephone: (9716) 740-9999

Fax:               (9716) 703-4000

Website: www.rakpolice.com

Fujairah Police


P.O. Box 5

Fujairah, U.A.E.

Telephone: (9719) 222-4411

Fax              : (9719) 222- 2213

Website: www.fujairahpolice.gov.ae

Umm Al-Quwain Police Department

P.O. Box 23

Umm Al-Quwain, U.A.E

Telephone: (9716) 765-6662

Fax:               (9716) 765-4124

Note: We suggest sending the documents to a family member or a friend (with authorization letter) and they can obtain the certificate from the Police Department on your behalf so the processing time will be faster.